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Hospital / Healthcare Network

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MIDI's Extensive Network of Value-Added Industry Partners

For many decades MIDI has afforded to their client's full access to its extensive network of trusted quality value-added clinical service and medical manufacturing providers. MIDI's trusted global partners include clinical network providers such as VoC participants (medical technicians to surgeons), validation testing, regulatory experts, as well as a detailed all comprehensive FDA/ISO certified manufacturing network encompassing all varieties of medical device's, system and disposable manufacturing.

MIDI's team collaborates and manages its domestic and international network of trusted FDA/ISO certified manufacturing, regulatory and clinical partners. Our process provides a clear structure and continuous quality throughout the devices research & development, life-cycle and partner collaboration providing the following benefits to MIDI's clients:

  • MIDI's FDA-QSR/ISO-13485 compliant DevelopmentDNA process involving all stages from: market research through design, engineering, prototyping and commercialization. The main section of our website describes this innovative process/service offering which yields competitive differentiation for our clientele.

  • Management of advanced FDA/ISO compliant clinical, regulatory and manufacturing partners providing optimized costs with on-time results, all within a risk mitigated implementation structure.

  • Additional Benefits of MIDI's Network Program include:

    • Risk Mitigation, Optimized Cost & High-Quality Partners:
      MIDI provides its clientele with optimum quality and risk mitigation for competing within domestic and international markets.

    • Integration of MIDI Advanced Development Methods & MIDI Value-Added Partner Manufacturing, Regulatory and Clinical Network:
      MIDI's clients benefit from a structured combination of our advanced medical/scientific device development methodology, exposure, experience and know-how within a pre-screened, carefully selected, quality network partner database.

    • Targeted / Pre-Screened Value-Added Partners:
      Whether utilizing MIDI's established network of trusted partners (manufacturing, regulatory, clinical, other) the client's network or sourcing new, MIDI works closely with its clients to assist in selecting the vendors best suited for their specific medical device type/application. Each select industry partner possesses unique experience and capability specifically suitable to the device applications needs of MIDI's clients.

    • Establishment of a Quality Management System:
      MIDI's oversight in the partner indoctrination, risk-mitigation, quality control management/documentation, in addition to pilot production's first article verification is a critical element in ensuring that the quality control methodologies are brought through to production commercialization.

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