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Technology & IP Development: Product Protection

MIDI helps their clients achieve innovative success via DevelopmentDNA's™ IP-Engine generating next step product and technology concept direction that yields highly patentable IP and process protection.

Over our 38 years our development teams have generated hundreds of patents and have implemented concepts that emanated from top level strategies into products that create sustainable value, IP protection, profitability and competitive advantages for our clients.

Our Technology Development Services include:
  • Technology and Material Research
  • Existing and Competitive Patent Review
  • IP/Patent Generation
  • Patent/Process Protection (laying new minefields)
  • Opportunity Identification
  • Existing and Competitive IP/Patent Review
  • Technology Evaluation/Definition
  • Design/Engineering/Technology Evaluation
  • Proof of Concept Models
  • Breadboard Development
  • Full Production Simulation Prototyping (Alpha & Beta)
  • Full Production and Manufacturing Development/Assistance