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Rapid Prototyping: From Concept to Hands-on Craftsmanship

MIDI's prototyping technician's capability and experience allow us to rapidly evaluate and validate a product's mechanical function, form, performance, and user interface within compressed timelines.

Our crafted prototypes (Alpha/Beta) allow continuous 3D development program feedback by precisely emulating the production system functionality and materials for confirmation of design and engineering principal.

MIDI's Rapid Prototyping Tools include:
  • Conceptual Development Mock-ups
  • Human Factors/Volumetric Study Models
  • Visual/User Interface Models
  • Alpha/Beta Prototype Development
  • Proof of Principal Breadboards
  • Production Emulation Prototypes
  • Composite Epoxy Injection Molds
  • RTV Molding and Casting
  • Sheet Metal
  • Metal Castings
  • Laser Cutting
  • Short-run Production Tooling