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Research: Uncovering Healthcare Needs

MIDI's research teams forge a solid basis for product planning and development by launching its DevelopmentDNA™ research tools to discover/uncover meaningful healthcare needs and product opportunities.

MIDI's trained, experienced research professionals can orchestrate, supervise and document the research process to observe and capture the needs, workflow, task mapping, field context, environment, behaviors, and experiences of the client's key stakeholders. Through this process MIDI generates clarity and actionable results which are seamlessly integrated into the development program resulting in user-centered next step innovation.

MIDI has conducted thousands of hours of global user-driven observational and interviewing research programs with key stakeholders ranging from surgeons, clinicians, patients, healthcare and life science professionals in a variety of environments.

MIDI's Research Tools include:
  • Contextual Immersion
  • Observational Research & Evaluation
  • In-depth Stakeholder Interviews
  • Heuristic Analysis
  • Workflow Analysis
  • Task/Environment Mapping
  • Usability & Design Testing
  • User Demographic/Environment Study
  • Market Sizing and Segmentation
  • Industry & Competitive Benchmarking
  • Product Brand Assessment
  • Experience Mapping
  • User Expectation Appraisal
  • System Service Research
  • Focus Groups
  • User Experience Assessment
  • Cross-Culture & Organizational Analysis
  • Design Direction Verification
  • Competitive Benchmarking