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  • Step 1: Discovery Research™ (Internal and Formulative)
    MIDI's multidisciplinary teams meet with the client to identify all relevant facets of Marketing, Design, Engineering and Branding. Through Discovery Research, we gain comprehensive understanding of project parameters as well as the needs of the end-user in their environment; hospital, clinic and lab.

  • Step 2: Systems Analysis™
    Based on collected information, MIDI provides a fast and certain means of formulating and prioritizing data. The Systems Analysis™ refinement process yields a solid understanding of the client's marketing, design and engineering needs.

  • Step 3: Innovation & Definition
    MIDI moves forward creating direction and pioneering concepts. Our development methodology allows the generation of innovative breakthroughs that constitute cost-effective solutions, addressing the latest in healthcare trends.

  • Step 4: Integration & Implementation
    MIDI's Total Capability posture allows for the design and engineering of products to meet the most stringent client and medical regulatory requirements. Our cross-functional project teams work in concert to produce outstanding production results quickly and cost-effectively. We make it happen.

  • Step 5: New Product Production
    MIDI provides full support throughout the final critical steps of Vendor and Contract Manufacturer (CM) selection, production details coordination, communication, and agency approvals. Our ability to oversee all Vendor/CM details and 1st article production of instrumentation, (and disposables), ensures not only our client's success... it ensures our success.