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MIDI consistently meets the challenges of a competitive marketplace through the deployment of our proprietary design process called DevelopmentDNA™. We facilitate a stepped, certain method of Product Development that addresses all stages of design from innovation, through regulatory design controls, into productionization. DevelopmentDNA's™ Methodology provides for unprecedented thoroughness in securing product development end results and medical industry requirements.

MIDI's DevelopmentDNA™ affords market insight, enabling the quantification and qualification of a product's end-user's identity, behaviors, and needs in a highly detailed manner. Additionally, it provides the wherewithal to blend in Innovative Design, Concrete Reliable Engineering, Design Controls Procedures [ISO13485, FDA QSR, FDA 510(k)], Manufacturing Production Solutions and Product Branding. This achieved market-ready awareness allows MIDI to respond with intelligent, informed, targeted development programs emanating from top level strategies, ensuring our client's Predictable Success.