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Observe, Interview, Document: Environmental Context

MIDI's Research teams embed themselves into the program's product environment to research context for the purpose of uncovering, interpreting, understanding, and documenting the point-of-view of the clinician and patient. Additionally the workflow and the hidden rules of the various healthcare environments are documented and incorporated into the programs design inputs. By using ethnographic research techniques MIDI captures the unspoken patterns and experiences that are vital design influencers for successful product implementation.

MIDI has conducted thousands of hours of global research in a variety of medical and life sciences environments utilizing its DevelopmentDNA™ methodology. We have performed observations, interviews and workflow analysis from open heart surgery and doctor's clinics to medical products used in the home.

All environments play a critical role and are influencers in the innovation stage of product development. We focus our efforts on utilizing our experience, development process and research methods to generate a vision for product and procedure success.

Our background and experience in the medical and life science industry spans decades, covering a number of varying environments.