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Interaction Environment

MIDI has conducted thousands of hours of global research in a variety of medical and life sciences environments utilizing its DevelopmentDNA™ methodology. We have performed observations, interviews and workflow analysis from open heart surgery and doctor's clinics to medical products used in the home.

All environments play a critical role and are influencers in the innovation stage of product development. We focus our efforts on utilizing our experience, development process and research methods to generate a vision for product and procedure success.

Our background and experience in the medical and life sciences industry spans decades, covering a number of various environments:

  • Operating Suite
  • Diagnostic Lab
  • Radiology Lab
  • Emergency Room
  • Hospital
  • EMS & Homeland Security
  • In-home Care
  • Intensive Care
  • Recovery Suite
  • Oncology Treatment
  • Consumer Self Use
  • Clinical and Research Laboratories